Bringing Love Where Love Is Not

“Bring love where love is not” is a mantra of mine that I use at times when I’m faced with a challenging situation that is laced with anger, fear, judgement, pain…you know, all the things that are surrounding us in every moment these days.  It’s so easy to get seduced by the drama and lose ourselves by falling into our old familiar patterns of blame and anger, and feeling absolutely justified in doing so.  Being committed to bringing love where love is not can sometimes feel like you need to channel the energy of a samurai warrior to overcome our ego’s desire to collude with the masses.  And right now, that is precisely the calling.  Our world is hurting right now, and people are suffering.  We can consciously choose to let go of our own fear and pain to bring the vibration of love alive, for ourselves, and for the world.  It’s a choice we have.  Love is always a choice.  Fear or love.  What vibration do you want to bring into the world?  I invite you to choose love.  We have enough of the other stuff.