Growing our Light through Death…and Life

Today is the anniversary of my niece Morgan’s death.  In the picture below, Morgan is holding my son (now 12 years old), three days before she died.  There are so many astonishing things that I could share with you about Morgan, about about her spunk and vitality, about the lessons she taught us, about how many lives she touched.  But today, I’m going to share with you something that sometimes gets missed when watching a loved one die, because it’s easy to get swallowed up by the fear and pain that is breaking your heart.

As Morgan was dying, she had a divine light that was growing inside of her that made her eyes bright and sparkly, that softened her energy and shifted her vibration to that of pure love and light.  As Morgan was dying, her spirit would spend less and less time in her human body that was riddled with cancer, and more time flying free with the angels that she spoke about, reacquainting herself with the Light of the One.  At times it felt as though she was hanging on by a thread!  And then she’d come back, open her eyes, and be a little brighter and more at peace.  It was an honor and a privilege to witness and experience.

In the last month of Morgan’s life every time I saw her, the light within her had grown, and there seemed to be less and less moments that she was inhabiting her body, and more and more moments that she was with Spirit.  It was that way until she took her last breath.  More love, more light in every moment.  Her transition was full of such beauty and grace.  It was a gift to us all. She was an inspiration.

Growing our love and light can happen today.  Right now.  Divine love and light is already within us!  Morgan didn’t conjure it up because she was dying.  It was already there!  When we turn inward, return to our breath, we can open to receive love and light from the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit and grow our own.  It’s a practice that will also help us be more present, so we can recognize and join the light within others…including those in our lives that are dying and are gifting us with their transition, as Morgan gifted me.

At times our own light is shining bright!  Other times, we dim the light within and get lost in our fears, our minds, and the distractions of life.  I invite you to recognize when this is happening and return to the practice of joining your breath, and deepening your ground.  We can choose a more love-filled life when we conciously grow our light…with every breath we take.