Service Offerings

Give yourself the gift of growing your love, peace, and wellbeing by working with River one on one.  
Sessions will be tailored to meet your individual needs. Offerings include guided meditations, tools for you to create your own practice, energy work and breath work.
First introductory session is free.
Zoom Meetings:
  • Half Hour Session: $30
  • One Hour Session: $55
In-person, outdoor sessions are also available upon request.
Classes open to the public:
Meditation in Motion via Zoom through the Waterbury Public Library, the first Sunday of every month beginning on November 1st, 10am


"I always call River “pure magic”.  I struggle with anxiety and River has a warm, calm and caring way that touches my soul as she guides me through my meditation practice.  With her help I have been able to strengthen and deepen my meditation abilities and as a result reduce my anxiety levels.”
Gwynne B.
"Compassionate, soulful, gentle and fun, it’s always a wonderful journey when working with River. She can lovingly guide you to free your heart and find the joy within.”
Alina A. 
"I have been working with River for over 20 years in the practice of meditation and energy work.  She offers a deep and calm presence to the practice as well as loving support and guidance through the journey of self discovery.  She has helped me to find and unfold the hidden parts of my being, to fully embrace the energy and emotions that are present, and to set them free so that I can be the most open and loving version of myself in the world.”
Jodi B.
"When I think of River, what comes to mind is “gentle”, “loving”, “beauty”, “from the heart”, “deep”."
Kent M. 
"River’s calm and non-judgmental energy immediately attracted me to work with her.  The wisdom she shared has shifted my perspective on life and created lasting change from the inside out.  I treasure my time working with such an authentic, grounded, and caring person.”
Diana S.
"Over the course of our 24 year friendship, I’ve been blessed to witness River’s devotion to her spiritual practice of growth. Because of her loving examples and gentle mentoring, I’ve embraced forgiveness, love and light along my own journey. If your heart is ready to let go of pain, fear and unforgiveness, let River be your guide!"
Stacey S.