About Morgan

Morgan was my spunky, fun-loving niece who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer, when she was five years old. I wrote the story Morgan’s List with the intention of bringing peace and truth to our family who was seeking comfort as Morgan was at home dying. 

After reading Morgan’s List at Morgan’s funeral just shy of her eighth birthday, people approached me again and again sharing their gratitude and hope that this sweet story could be made into a book.  Since its publication in 2010, this book has served many families who have gone through various losses of their own.

Morgan’s List offers us all a message of love and acceptance.  It is a story about the journey of life and the experiences we create to grow our love for each other and ourselves. Morgan’s story is no different than our own.  It is a metaphor for us all, asking us to embrace life, regardless of what is on our own list.