5 minute grounding meditation

Guided grounding meditation from River Buffum on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy this simple guided meditation.  It was created to help grow people’s awareness of their breath.  Breath is Life!  It also introduces the concept (and magic) of grounding.  It is such a beautiful gift and practice.  Revisit the video as often as you’d like.  My hope is to create more videos that invite people to grow and deepen their practice.  When we carve out time to meditate, even if it’s for the littlest while every day, we strengthen our ability to return to our grounded breath in the moments of our days, which allows us to be more present, more loving, more compassionate, more One.

Happy Spring!

Art by Erika Pochybova-Johnson

If you’re a Vermonter (or a New Englander for that matter), outside looks anything but spring!  The air is frigid, the snow is deep.  But there is an unmistakable feel of spring in the air.  A lot is happening just under the Earth’s surface, and it’s changing the vibration all around us.

Today is the Spring Equinox, a sacred day in many cultures.  It is a day in which the amount of light and dark are equal.  Tomorrow, there will be more light than dark, and the light will continue to grow everyday until the Fall Equinox, where it will become equal amounts again, and then the darkness grows.

We are entering the yang season, and saying goodbye to the yin.  You may notice people driving a little faster, listening to their music a little louder, adding feverishly to their to-do lists.  Spring is a season of action, and it shows up in many different ways in the world around us.

It’s easy to get caught up in the energy of it all, the rushing around, the taking advantage of the longer days to get more accomplished.  Often by doing this, we lose ourselves in the excitement of it all, and find ourselves losing our ground, which makes it difficult to be present in our bodies, and almost impossible to listen to our hearts.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to gently remind you (as I remind myself), to return to your breath and your ground during this busy time.  Grounding this active growth-filled yang energy with your breath with the yin of the Earth Mother will allow you to join this season with more of you, with more presence, more consciousness, more grace.  And believe it or not, you will actually get more done, more efficiently, by grounding, than you would if you let the energy of spring sweep you away!

The Gift of Breath: part 2

Welcome back!  Let’s cover a few basics before continuing on with the practice of meditation.

All meditation practices have four common principles:

Focus.  It doesn’t matter what you choose to focus on.  It can be anything…a word, an image, a sound, music, a mantra, etc.

Breath.  Joining your physiology, you receive and nurture your body with your in-breath, and release and cleanse with your out-breath.

Joining.  In meditation you choose to join your breath, your focus, your mind, body and spirit.

Returning.  When you get distracted by your thoughts, sounds, sensations, etc., return to your breath and focus.

This is nothing you need to memorize.  I’m not going to test you later!  It’s just a good awareness to have.

The meditation that we are going to be practicing is a Native American grounding meditation.  Receiving the embrace of love, light and fire from the Earth Mother becomes our focus.  We breathe in through our feet.  Our feet act as a conduit to our entire nervous system, awakening every organ, muscle, tissue, and cell within us.  We breathe in through our feet to receive and bring love, light and fire to our whole body, mind and spirit.  And with our out-breath we let go and cleanse ourselves with love, light and fire back through our feet and into the Earth Mother.

Breathe through our feet you say?  Yes.  Imagine that you are growing roots out of your feet.  The roots reach far and wide and deep into the Earth Mother where there is nothing but love, light and fire.  With every breath your roots grow and expand.  And your hands!  Your grounded feet awaken your hands. Allow your hands to rest upon the Earth.  Grow your roots with your breath.  Your hands are an extension of your heart.  So with this practice you awaken your inner heart!

Imagine it.  Sense it.  Feel it.  And practice it!

Grounding is a oneness practice.  Oneness of our body, mind, and spirit, and oneness to all that is.

So I invite you to sit in a chair, with your feet on the floor.  Or lie down on the floor on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor.  Close your eyes.

Bring your awareness to your breath.  With your next in-breath, breathe up love, light and fire in through your feet and nurture yourself with these gifts from the Earth Mother.  With your out-breath, breathe out through your feet and cleanse yourself with love, light and fire giving it away to the Earth Mother.  Breathe in from the Earth Mother and receive.  Breathe out to the Earth Mother and cleanse.  Grow your roots through your feet and hands.  Feel your breath deepen.  Receive.  Cleanse. Coach yourself through this grounding meditation.  Focus on grounding.  Join your breath.  And when you get distracted, (and you will get distracted ;)….gently return to your breath.

Look for the soon-to-be-posted grounding meditation video that will guide you through this practice.  Until then…give it a try yourself!