Yes, Even in America

This morning, my dear friend who teaches at a culturally diverse prep school is in the throes of attempting to support her students (“from every possible background and belief system you can imagine”) process the events that took place yesterday at our nation’s capital.  My quick text back to her: Fear is universal.  It knows no boundaries.

Yesterday afternoon, an example of what it looks like to act out of fear (if not terror) was on display for the whole world to see.  Yes, even in America.  (Of course in America.)

Trump chooses fear in every breath he takes, and the harm that choice creates for himself, the human family, and the environment has been evident for the past four years.

This however, is not about Trump. It’s about being real with the harm that’s created when we choose fear over love.  The rally that was the impetus to the storming of the US Capital was spent feeding and growing the fear of everyone there.  People were all too willing to abandon their hearts and join the ego-fest before them.  It’s a seduction we are all familiar with.  As human beings, we often choose to collude with like-minded people, jump on the judgement train, or play the blame game.  No one is exempt from this.  The calling is to catch yourself, and to make a different, more loving choice for yourself.

With all the fear alive in the world, I invite you to befriend your own fear and seek out where it lives within you.  Only when we are aware of its grip can we consciously choose to free it and turn it into love.  Grow your compassion for those who are lost in their fear, and for yourself when you are lost in yours.  Fear is sacred.  It’s a divine calling for transformation.

What the world needs right now is a whole lot of love.  May it begin with you, and me.