Meditation has been a part of my life since I attended a workshop on healing, as an educator, twenty-three years ago in Johnson, Vermont.  Still practicing with the same beautiful group of women, I have learned a lot, grown a lot, and feel called to share some of my tools and experiences that have served my life so abundantly.

I am not a guru.  I am not enlightened.  I am a human being devoted to growing my love in the moments of my days, one step at a time, one breath at a time.

I am blessed to be living with my loving husband Todd, and my two amazing children Zoe and Tucker, who bring forward experiences for me to grow with every day.  They are truly my master teachers.

Surrounded by the nature and beauty of Vermont, my intention is to share some of my life experiences that may serve and resonate with others, to help inspire people to move forward with their own journey.

River Buffum

Waterbury, VT

(802) 244-7093