Brightening the Light Within

‘Cause God knows the sun hasn’t been shining in Vermont!

You can’t bump into people these days without hearing about how miserable the weather’s been.  Cold, damp, raw, and yes, even snowy. “When will it feel like spring?!” has been on the minds of everyone you meet.  May 15th and we are still lighting a fire in our wood stove.    So is it the dark days that have been getting people down, or the lack of light?

I have a sneaky feeling it has something to do with both (and throw in the unmet strong preferences of Vermonters this time of year after a long, hard winter).

When something so out of our control as the weather has gotten us all in a tear, I am reminded that we have a choice to make.  If we are relying on external forces to feel happy, it’s time to turn inward.  Or not.  The choice is ours to make.

Turning inward reminds us that we alone can dictate how we feel.  We are not a victim of the weather, or of anything else for that matter.  Light is abundant within us and around us.  The light we see in the eyes of our children, of loved ones…the light from the earth that is nurturing and caressing the delicate buds we are beginning to see on the trees…the light in the sky that twinkles even through the rain…and the light of spirit that burns brightly within us.  Choosing to join the light within us through our conscious breath will grow that light, and chase away the shadows.  Choosing to be with the beauty of the light around us, instead of longing for the sun, will grow our light, breath by breath.  Receiving light with our in-breath, and cleansing and letting go of darkness with our out-breath.  It’s a practice.  One that you can try in this exact moment.

So when you see the sun burning through the cloud cover today, rays of light racing to the earth, drop whatever you are doing and RUN outside before you miss it!  Let it warm your face, be with the beauty of the subtle prisms of light dancing on your eyelashes, breathe it in and allow it to fill your soul.  Be with the blessing of this moment.  And when the clouds resume their cruel barricade, end this joining of the light with gratitude.  And when your longing of the light makes its way back to your consciousness, remember, it’s just a breath away.